Ideas for Adult Themed Parties

While it is fun to throw parties as an adult you may sometimes get in a rut where you would continue to throw the same old dinner party for every occasion. Thus, the following article provides a comprehensive guide on how to throw certain themed parties.


Hawaiian Themed Party

Say aloha to the summer with this party where one could create a tropical oasis in their own backyard. But ensure that all guests are told to wear appropriate luau clothing. Furthermore, if hosting the event at home you could proceed to decorate it with flowers, scented candles and bright colors in order to transport the guests into a tropical island for the night. Moreover, to set the mood one can opt to play tropical songs of Hawaiian artists and could also place tiki torches around the yard to achieve that soft inviting glow of the tropics. For entertainment one could have a limbo stick or could even hire a mechanical surfboard Sydney for the guests to enjoy. When planning the menu ensure that you have enough and more pineapple items in store for the guests. Moreover, apart from serving the traditional cocktails the host can also opt to create a signature drink for this occasion.

Adult Kid’s Party

While you can bring fond memories by offering all time favourite kid snacks such as mini hotdogs, mini sausage rolls, chocolate spiders and honey joys. One could also ensure that the put an adult spin on the kid’s party by offering guests vodka jelly shots or even skittles vodka shots. When it comes to entertainment ensure that you have kid’s favorites such as a piñata filled with sweets or even liquor candy. Furthermore, one can also opt to hire an adult jumping castles Sydney as a throwback to your favourite childhood birthday parties. Moreover, you can also hire an individual to paint the faces of the guests if they so prefer. The Harry Potter fans could also break out an impromptu game of Quidditch pong.

Disco Party

As you may already know the most important aspect of this party is the disco ball, thus obtaining one should be the first priority. Furthermore, to create the perfect ambiance one can hang posters of the music legends of the 70’s. Moreover, the black light should be used generously and one can also opt to set up lava lamps on the tables. Guests should also be informed to come in their disco finest which include jumpsuits, bell bottoms, platform shoes etc. As the key to this party is music a 1970’s music playlist should be created prior to the big day

With the aforementioned ideas, you can throw a party that your guests will remember in the years to come.

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