The Evolution of the School Band

Some of us have, at one point in our lives, thrown tantrums when being forced to wear the school band uniform. To not have to participate in the event at all. Because we felt like the school band was the place for the dorky kids. The kids who are not considered cool enough to be a part of the school team or the cheerleading group.

But I guess with time and all the arguments that we have had with our parents about it, we have realized that it actually did us some good. Maybe in the way of giving us lasting friendships or helping us rid ourselves of stage fright. In one way or another it has benefitted us and given us wonderful memories to cling on to.

How things have turned around

But gone are the days when school bands were thought to be for the unpopular kids and a silly little trimming to the football team and the cheerleaders. Nowadays you even get a childrens band business event because they are now considered an asset to the school. The school bands are now considered a cool inclusion to be a part of. People go ‘’you’re in the school band? That’s cool’’. Instead of the ‘’aaaaaaah right you’re in the school band’’ that used to be the response in those days. So things have turned around for the better for those kids who used to consider themselves the lesser fortunate out of the lot.

The school bands of today go about the country displaying their talents. From Disney land to national television, people see them playing. And the competition between rival schools has also added fuel to the fire. Because now the bands are working harder than ever to ensure that their schools flag is the one flying proudly. They are performing music by great artists like Rachmaninoff and Shostakovich, and they are putting on performances worthy of Broadway with more complex and formations and performances. So there is no way that you can put down a school band at all nowadays.

The bands have become so popular that you see kids trying to juggle both sports and the band or go to the extent of giving up the chance to play football so that they can hold their place in the band. There is variation in the choreography that you would have never seen before, with some bands sticking to the old school formations and traditional marches while some of them are bringing in more modern day performances.

So don’t think twice if you are given an opportunity to be a part of the school band. Grab it with both hands.

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