Ways of Conducting Productive Meetings

Most people have already switched off their brains by the time they get to the last letter in the word, ‘meeting.’ This is because meetings are usually not the most fun or the most stimulating activities. In most cases, they are for reprimands, training or brainstorming. Rarely do we have a meeting that most people look forward to.

This can be turned around however. Meetings can be fun. One of the most important aspects of a successful meeting where everyone is a participant (and not a sullen onlooker) is the location. What the surroundings are like, what the weather is like and what the overall ambience says about the organization of the meeting is a deciding factor in its success.

Roomy Indoors

If the meeting is, say, for 200 people, make sure that the conference accommodation Geelong or elsewhere, is big enough to hold 250 people. Having a roomy space where people do not feel claustrophobic and cramped is key to making people feel comfortable enough to lay back and enjoy the event. Most organizers make the mistake of going for the cheaper option, without proper ventilation or enough leg room with the result that most of the participants feel bored, wander in their attention, feel restless and twitchy etc.  Always try to find a big space or go with the other option: no walls.

Spacious Outdoors

It might sound weird but outdoors is one of the greatest locations for anything. Think about it – weddings, parties, graduation ceremonies all take place outdoors. Why not bring some of those celebratory vibes into a meeting? As long as you make sure that it’s a clear, sunny day, not too hot or anything, it can be a great venue. If the sun is too bright then all you have to do is have a canopy over your heads. Find a nice green lawn where you can set up, hook up a microphone and sound system and you are ready to roll! The best part about this is that the open sides and the view of the sky will act as deterrents to boredom, lethargy and restlessness. Being grounded – literally – and in nature can act as a wonderful rejuvenation to souls trapped between the 4 concrete walls of a corporate building day in and day out.

Thus, one of the secrets to a meeting where everyone is alert and on full concentration is a space that everyone can relax in. It should be light, airy and roomy enough for everyone to be in at the same time as well as feel positive about the day’s agenda. A big room indoors or a marquee outdoors will do the trick.

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